New kinds of CAPTCHAs – separating human from machine

The problem with any CAPTCHA used to detect humans (versus machines) is that “human solvers” may be used as an intermediary to an otherwise automated machine process.  However, assuming that most human solver methods are too expensive for most automated CAPTCHA hacks, here are some interesting CAPTCHAs for 2012.

Although some of these have been around for more than a year, I’m including them here because they are still NEWWorthy.  When enough new CAPTCHA techniques are introduced in 2013, I’ll enter a new post.

You’d think audio CAPTCHAs would be difficult for machines to figure out, but apparently that isn’t the case.

NuCaptcha uses video to weed out automated attempts to break the CAPTCHA.

Civil Rights Defenders CAPTCHA is another seemingly unique method of separating humans from machines.  They seek the user’s opinion on a civil rights issue and assume that a machine would not be able to pick the right answer.

Sweet CAPTCHA let’s website owners create their own CAPTCHA.  I don’t know how effective this is in keeping out machines, but it looks cute!

Minteye is a new kind of CAPTCHA that doesn’t require typing.  Instead, you move the slider until the image looks correct.  It’s not only harder for machines to figure out, but it can also include attractive advertisements.

Solve Media uses video advertisements in their CAPTCHAs.

NEWWorthy technology – financial predictions

We’re not suggesting Top Tech investments for 2013, because there are too many opinions and too much room for bias.  We suggest reading about what’s happening in technology and forming your own opinions about what is a good investment for 2013.

That said, here are a few top 10 lists of financial interest for 2012-2013.

Market Watch’s top 10 trends to watch in 2013

Forbes 10 calls on tech in 2013.

The Street’s top 10 healthcare technology stocks for 2013.

Technology top 10, top 20, top …, Lists

Some “Tops” lists in NEWWorthy technology and science for 2012-2013.

The Scientist’s “Top 10 Innovations 2012”.

Cleveland Clinic’s top 10 innovations in medical technology 2013.

Gartner’s “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013”.

Mind Food’s “Top 10 Health Innovations for 2012”.

Techland Time’s “Best Inventions of 2012”

CES Innovation Awards for 2013

Enterprise Systems top technology trends for 2013..

Executive Travel’s Best Tech in 2013

Technoratis’ list of technology blogs.

NEWWorthy Technology & Science magazines and journals

Each of these magazines contains a consistantly generous number of NEWWorthy technology and technology-related articles.

MIT Technology Review reports on new technology and has several blogs that provide interesting takes on what it all means.

The Scientist is about research and technology in biology, genetics, and the life sciences.

Scientific American has long given us interesting stories about new & future technology.

New Scientist is about “… scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences…”

Discover is the “Magazine of Science, Technology, and the Future”.

Popular Science, “The Future Now”.  About science and technology news since 1872.

Popular Mechanics, “…the latest developments in science, technology, aerospace, industry and discovery…”

Elsevier provides enormous lists of technology and science journals.


Hotels near Manhattan

According to the article in USA Today, “More hotels popping up outside Manhattan”, you can get a nice view and save money by staying in nearby areas like Brooklyn or Long Island.  The article claims that the “image” of Queens and Brooklyn is changing.  You might also find the NYPD crime statistics page helpful when considering specific precincts.

Evolution of the most common English words and phrases over the centuries

Sometimes, even old data can become NEWWorthy of a look.  It is interesting to see the 100 most common words for various periods of times from 1520 until now.  The website also shows the most common 2, 3, 4, and 5 word phrases used in those time periods.

Hotels listings with year built and date renovated

Travel Weekly includes “year built” and “date renovated” information for many of the hotels in their database.  It does not appear that you can search by “year built” or “date renovated”, so you’ll have to locate the hotel(s) you’re interested in first and then see if they include these facts as well.

Some hotelier new hotel listings

Choice Hotels – We could not locate an actual listing, but this announcement of 2nd quarter 2012 openings might work for you.

Clarion – They own a large variety of brands, but we could not find a new hotels list on this or any of their brand websites.  If you find their new hotels list for any of their brands, please let us know.

Embassy Suites – Look for them by region and country, pictures included.  If you are looking worldwide, select your country of interest, as it might not be included in the initial listing of all new properties.

Five Star Alliance – A short, but useful listing.

Four Seasons – The list is useful, but visually simpler than some of the other sites.

Hampton – Similar to the Embassy Suites layout

Hilton – Simple and elegant with nice pictures.

Hilton Garden Inn – Similar to the Embassy Suites layout

Hilton Doubletree – Similar to the Embassy Suites layout

Hyatt – The list is useful, but visually simpler than some of the other sites.

Intercontinental Hotel Group – The drill-down style interface makes it a bit harder to get to the good information, but it’s there.

La Quinta – Grand openings list is easy to view.  You might also enjoy seeing their list of newly renovated properties.

Marriott – Nice worldwide index and attractively arranged

Radisson – The list is useful, but visually simpler than some of the other sites

Starwood – Attractive slide show presentation and easy to use region selections.

Wyndham – They own a large variety of brands, but we could not find a new hotels list on this or any of their brand websites.  If you find their new hotels list for any of their brands, please let us know.


Some new hotel listing websites

HotelChatter has a useful master list of hotel openings for 2012.

See NewSleeps. Listings by state, and the small picture next to each listing is helpful.

See HotelGrandOpenings. Not as initially pretty a some of the other new hotel listing sites, but the list lets you quickly see what’s new in the world.

Some pretty pictures on this website of new hotel listings. See HotelChatter.

Hotel Industry News lists recent openings of hotels around the world. Looks like it’s worth a look, especially for world travelers.