Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza is OLDWorthy, especially since Daiya and other non-dairy cheeses have been around for almost 10 years now. Even Domino’s launched its first vegan pizza (in Israel) a couple of years ago.  And keep in mind that vegan pizza does not even really require cheese, so get the right crust and veggie ingredients and sauce and you’ve got a vegan pizza.

But recently PETA listed “32 Pizza Places That Let You Have It Your (Vegan) Way“.  Perhaps now that vegan pizza is becoming almost mainstream — at least among vegans — it can be called NEWWorthy.

Veggie Pizza clip art

Veggie burgers at airports

We’ve posted on a couple of veggie burger lists in the recent past, but now it’s time to talk more specifically about some airport veggie burgers.  I have not tried any of these veggie burgers, so I can’t say how good they are.  It’s nice to see more non-meat options at airports, though.

Southwest terminal at Burbank Airport

DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) in the Atlanta area

JetBlue terminal at JFK

Miami International Airport Terminal D

San Francisco (SFO) – Didn’t find a review, but a veggie burger is mentioned

Newark International Airport Terminal C

Some other Airport veggie burgers (Charlotte and Denver)

Some more Airport veggie burgers (Houston, DFW, Minneapolis)

Vegetarian mobile cuisine

Mobile Cuisine published a list of their top 10 Vegetarian Food Truck vendors in the U.S.  In the comments, you can see that not everyone agreed with the choices.  The information may not be in the last year (not sure) or up-to-date, since some of these companies are no longer in business, but the attempt by these entrepreneurs to provide healthier choices from food trucks may be NEWWorthy.

We have not personally tried any of these food trucks, so we can’t be sure how vegetarian they all are, and the quality of the food and service probably varies greatly by individual food truck and location.  That said, there also seem to be any number of vegan food trucks popping up all over.  Just search YouTube with the term “Vegan Food Truck” and see how many you find.  The video below describes one in Edmonton, Canada.