2017 One Way Rentals from Florida

Not all rental car companies are advertising their spring 2017 one-way rental out of Florida deals — or at least I couldn’t find them all — but you can still check to see the rates.  For example, go to Hertz.com and check out a reservation on a car from Tampa, FL (or some other airport in Florida) to Atlanta, GA (or some other airport up north of Florida).  Try a 4 or 5 day period starting in mid-April.  I found daily rates starting around $7.50 or so, though they still add on taxes and fees to bring it between $15-$20 per day.  I didn’t check local Hertz car rental locations.  If you can rent one way from those, you might be able to find a one-way in April without the airport fees.

Enterprise has posted one-way out of Florida rates for Spring 2017.

So has Avis.

And Alamo too.

If you go, have fun!

Ballparks have the Wave, but traffic has Waze

Waze is a traffic application that’s been around for a few years, and it was acquired by Google.  While it has been a boon to drivers with smartphones who want to bypass traffic jams, and cities who would like to avoid traffic jams, mynewsla.com reports that local neighborhoods are not happy with the “cut-through” traffic caused by the use the app.

Pommi Traffic Sign clip art

NEWWorthy or just another reason to have a portable GPS?

Hertz is reported by Computerworld to be installing car cams that point at drivers.  They say it is part of the Neverlost 6 system, but that the cameras are not currently turned on.  At some point they might decide to use the cameras, but for now they are not sure how they would be put to use.  Maybe some customers would be happy to have a camera in their rental car so they could easily communicate with the help desk.

Others might not like this idea.  Lots of people have their own portable GPS device that they use in rental cars.  It can be cheaper and doesn’t have a built in camera.  But mobile phones with GPS do.

Gps On clip art

OLDWorthy Mail trucks and NEWWorthy Deliverbots

Mail trucks in the United States are OLDWorthy.  The Wall Street Journal says that “It’s Time to Retire the Old Mail Truck” and get replacement vehicles.

I wonder if they will keep the boxy shape we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing?  On the other hand, it might not be long before consideration should be given to Deliverbots — self-driving delivery robots.

Collision warning systems

More cars are getting forward collision warning systems.  Driving is hard enough, and when a car or something else cuts you off or suddenly stops ahead of you, technology can help.  Also, there are still too many drivers paying attention to their phones or other distractions rather than keeping their eyes on the road.  Hopefully the new technology will save many lives.  Below is a video showing the EyeSight capability of some new Subaru vehicles.  AutoTrader.com posted an article on “6 Affordable Vehicles with Collision Warning System” last year, and the NY Daily News did a piece about collision warning systems in general.

World’s First 3D Printed Car

Mashable.com introduces the “World’s First 3D Printed Car”.  It seemed like a good idea to have print-on-demand books, especially saving small publishers from having large up-front costs.  Now, it looks like 3D printed cars are on the way.  If the quality were high enough, it might be nice to order exactly the car you want online and then go to the local dealer to pick it up after it has been printed out.  Even a classic car could be created, assuming designers could obtain the rights.

Taxi of the future?

Will Google’s 25 mph self driving city car ever replace taxis?  I’m guessing it or other self driving vehicles might, at least in low-density locations with short commutes in the city, if the price of a ride is competitive with alternative transportation.  For example, say you need to get to the airport, and you are unable to or don’t want to drive.  You could call a shuttle or taxi, but if a self driving rental car service were available, you might choose that instead.

More NEWWorthy travel

Just as we see discount one-way car rental rates FROM Florida in the spring, I’m pretty sure that in October and November 2013 we’ll see special rates for one-way car rentals TO Florida.  Check the rental car company websites over the next couple of months, or come back to NEWWorthy to see if we’ve posted any new links for one-way car rentals.

USA Today listed these “10 least-known Florida beaches”Blowing Rocks Preserve with a jagged coastline, sea caves, and occasional hide tide water spectacles sounds like a very different and special Florida beach. 

USA Today likes these “10 Amazing North American road trips”.  The Shipwreck Coast, Michigan includes the beautiful Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  The view of the cliffs from the water is spectacular.



Rental Cars can be confusing

USA Today has an article entitled “Baffled by rental cars?…”  You’d think that today’s cars would be simple to operate, since they include computer chips and automation features.  I enjoyed the story in the article about turning off the blinking hazard lights.  I ran into the same problem with my wife’s car recently after I accidentally turned the hazard lights on after a car wash.


Not long ago, NEWWorthy noted the Avis and Zipcar merger news.  But Zipcar uses fleet vehicles for rentals.  RelayRides describes their ‘peer to peer’ business as “a marketplace where car owners can list their vehicles, and those that need a ride can rent one by the hour or day.”  There are other ‘peer to peer’ carsharing websites like JustShareIt and GetAround, but RelayRides claims to be “The world’s largest peer to peer carsharing marketplace.”  It’s not an entirely new business, but the rise of carsharing in the last year makes it NEWWorthy.