Does a $1,000,000 home look like a $1,000,000 home?

MSN lists 10 homes around the country (U.S.) that are worth around $1,000,000.  Do you think any of them look like they are worth $1,000,000?  After all, if you are spending that kind of money for a home, you kind of want it to look like it’s worth a million.  I’m not sure that all of these do.

Home House clip art

Ballparks have the Wave, but traffic has Waze

Waze is a traffic application that’s been around for a few years, and it was acquired by Google.  While it has been a boon to drivers with smartphones who want to bypass traffic jams, and cities who would like to avoid traffic jams, reports that local neighborhoods are not happy with the “cut-through” traffic caused by the use the app.

Pommi Traffic Sign clip art

Find your Qi in furniture

With so many people now communicating over wireless phones, wireless technology is now OLDWorthy.  Even powering your phone wirelessly has been around for a while now.

Furniture is, of course, also OLDWorthy.  But with Ikea about to release its line of wireless charging furniture that support the Qi standard built into many new phones, wireless and furniture are about to become NEWWorthy again.  They’re also selling DIY kits so you can embed wireless charging technology into your own furniture.

IKEA Belgium presents a vision below of how wireless charging technology can easily integrate into the home.

New material radiates heat into space

MIT Technology Review blogged about a new material that “requires no electricity uses the universe as a heat sink—even when the sun is shining.”  This might lead to large building rooftops — lined with the material — that keep things cool inside without air conditioning.  See also this article on Stanford University’s website.

Image from NANO LETTERS.

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Home value websites

These are a few of the home value determination websites I found and liked.

Zillow gives an estimate of a home’s value.  When I tried for the same home, it came up with an estimate close to what Zillow had given.

Yahoo gives a home’s worth using Zillow and values.

Many of the other home value websites I looked at seem to provide reports from realtors after you provide your contact information.  I didn’t try them.