First NBA team to win after 3-1 deficit in finals

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for becoming the first NBA team to win the championship after being down 3-1 in the finals.  LeBron James was chosen MVP.  Certainly the performance of the best known players on both teams were part of the equation to determine winner and loser, but what about injuries?

In the NBA, like many professional sports, injuries occur.  Who is injured may be as or more important than how many injuries.  For example, an injury to a baseball team’s best pitcher or a football team’s starting quarterback may be more devastating than a few injuries to other players.  But in the NBA, especially in a game 7, you only have 5 players on the court at one time for a team.  If you don’t have your key defensive player or players out there, it can make a huge difference.

We’ll never know if injuries were the reason that the Warriors lost to the Cavaliers last night in game 7, but not having Andrew Bogut was certainly a big loss.  Additionally, Andre Iguodala was not healthy.

Perhaps the Warriors will learn something about injuries from their loss.  Sports analytics in professional sports has become big business.  Companies like Catapult and P3 are attempting to keep or make teams healthy using devices and data, and many professional sports teams are listening.  According to Catapult’s website, it does not appear that either the Cavs or Warriors used their services in 2016.

Take a look at this article about injuries during the NBA playoffs from 2015.  With Love and Irving injured, it made it very difficult for the Cavaliers to win the championship.  This year was different.  Love was out a few games, but in game 7 he played well enough to get 14 rebounds.  And Irving was fantastic, hitting the key shot in the final minute of the game.

Think the Warriors should have won?  Take a look at this game 7 prediction written December 2015 to see how important Andrew Bogut was to the analysis.  Or see Mark Purdy’s thoughts in the Mercury News before game 7.  He said “…Amidst all the hubbub over Green’s suspension and Steph Curry’s thrown mouth guard, people seemed to forget that the Most Valuable Player [Andre Iguodala] of last year’s Finals was hobbling up and down the floor…”

Basketball clip art

Rays versus Cuba

Professional baseball in America is more than 100 years old.  That’s OLDWorthy.

In 1999, the Baltimore Orioles played Cuba, but no Major League Baseball team has played in Cuba since.  Today (2pm Eastern Time), the Tampa Bay Rays play Cuba at Estadio Latinoamericano in an exhibition game before the regular season starts.  President Obama will attend the game — and possibly throwing out the first pitch.

Will this become an annual event?  It is too early to tell, but the first MLB game in Cuba in 17 years makes the match-up feel NEWWorthy once again.

If you want to watch the game on ESPN streaming and you have a sign-in through your cable provider to Watch ESPN, you can download the app or watch it from ESPN’s website.

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Emerging Sports television

Emerging Sports TV will launch in April 2015, according to their website.  Since there are many sports that are growing — even quickly — but still relatively small compared to many televised sports, someone decided to combine these interesting sports into a televised channel.  One of these sports is disc golf, a sport which I enjoy playing and watching.

Their motto is “At Emerging Sports TV, our mission is to recapture the spirit of ‘Why We Fell in Love with Sports in the First Place.’  I think that’s a refreshing look at sports and potentially NEWWorthy.

Spring Training 2015

Baseball is an OLDWorthy sport, but for those who love the game, spring always seems to make it NEWWorthy again.  That’s why I’m including a note this year that Spring Training 2015 tickets are on sale now.  And if you happen to be headed to Asia, don’t forget Spring Training 2015 in Japan! map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015

2014 mock draft predicts NBA picks

Whether any of these 2014 mock draft picks will become NEWWorthy remains to be seen long after June 2014 when the NBA holds the actual draft.  But it’s certainly good entertainment for those who love professional and college basketball.  Below, NBA great Jerry West seems to be predicting that the 2014 draft will not produce many or any NEWWorthy players for at least a few years.

New optical force

MIT Technology Review blog reports on a new optical Bernoulli force and asks what this new force might be used for.  I had one idea. With some way to magnify the force, it might be possible someday to use a light beam to impart additional spin on a plastic ball — such as in a game of ping pong.  Take a look at the article to see what other cool ideas readers have proposed.

3 new joggling records

According to Wikipedia, “Joggling is a competitive sport that combines juggling and jogging.”  The International Juggling Association (IJA) recently had their annual get-together and competition.  Three new world records were set in joggling (see list below).  Unfortunately, I don’t have video for these, but below you can see a 2012 race of the 100 meter (7 balls).  It’s hard to run while juggling 7 balls, so it’s more of a fast walk.  But it’s amazing that they can do it at all.  Congratulations to all the competitors and record setters!

Thomas Dietz in the 100 meter (7 balls) in 53.6 seconds.

Eric Walter in the 400 meter (3 balls) in 55.8 seconds

Gabrielle Foran in the 1600 meter (3 balls) in 5 minutes 58 seconds