Simply Brilliant (.org, that is) has a simple goal that’s OLDWorthy: to nourish brilliant young minds — with a passion for mathematics, science, or engineering — including many who are underprivileged.  Gifted programs have tried to do this for decades, with some successes.  But is perhaps NEWWorthy in that it attempts to do this on the Internet for students all around the world.  It’s rather a brilliant idea, and I think it deserves mention here.

“Movie Magic Squares: Volume 1” published on

Movie Magic Squares: Volume 1 contains 55 challenging new movie-related puzzles.  They are a bit like mathematical magic squares, where all the numbers in each row/column/diagonal add up to the same sum, but with actors in each row/column/diagonal that acted (or voiced or had an uncredited performance) in a corresponding movie together.  You can find the e-book on  Available for Smashwords, Apple, Nook, Kobo, and other formats soon.