Family Tree Solitaire can be played on the web

Now (May 19, 2016) I’ve also posted quick/short rules for the game on my website in text format for printing.  There is also a pdf version of the intro video that you can print.

Tile358x173Now you can also play my new video game Family Tree Solitaire on the web for FREE– however, the web version probably won’t run in mobile (phone or tablet) browsers or internet explorer.  Below are links to getting the game for FREE on various device stores.

Get it on Windows 10AvailableAtAmazonGet it on Google Play

Family Tree Solitaire – my new video game

Now (May 19, 2016) I’ve also posted quick/short rules for the game on my website in text format for printing.  There is also a pdf version of the intro video that you can print.

I am excited to announce that “Family Tree Solitaire” is available on the Google Play Store.  You can find detailed rules on my author website for “Family Tree Solitaire” — my new video game — in html and pdf format.

I hope you will enjoy “Family Tree Solitaire”.

Please see my author website for more information.


Game of Go: Human expert versus AlphaGo AI

Computerworld reports today on the match between Google’s Deepmind AlphaGo AI that plays the game of Go at an expert level and Lee Se-dol, a South Korean who is one of the top Go players in the world.  For game 1 (airing sometime March 8, 2016 in the U.S.), below is the streaming video from the tournament on YouTube.  I don’t know if this link will work for games 2 and on, so you might need to check on YouTube for further streaming of the tournament.

Pong enters World Video Game Hall of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play recently inducted the first selected group of games — DOOM, Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and World of Warcraft into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Although all of these games are old now, they are NEWWorthy once again.  Pong may be particularly deserving, since when it was introduced no one had any idea if there was a market for video games.

Pong clip art

Arads and Vrads

With Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) systems coming in the not too distant future, advertisers are already planning ways to meet consumer’s eyes.  Ads have been around for a long time — long before the year 0 — so they’re OLDWorthy.  Ads on VR and AR — which I’m calling Arads and Vrads or ARads and VRads — are a relatively new idea.  So maybe they’re NEWWorthy.  That is, if you don’t mind a slightly new meaning to the old Bell ad motto “Reach Out and Touch Someone” — or in the case of VR and AR, touch or control something.

Nanomotors manipulated in living cells

The Scientist reports that researchers at Penn State have “…safely manipulated nanomotors in living cells…”  with low power ultrasound. See the video below.  One day this technology might be used to kill off cancer cells or provide a number of different useful medical therapies. My classic video game, “Microsurgeon” (Imagic 1982) for Mattel Intellivision and the TI 99/4a computer, featured a futuristic body-monitoring nanorobot.  See the bottom video below.

New optical force

MIT Technology Review blog reports on a new optical Bernoulli force and asks what this new force might be used for.  I had one idea. With some way to magnify the force, it might be possible someday to use a light beam to impart additional spin on a plastic ball — such as in a game of ping pong.  Take a look at the article to see what other cool ideas readers have proposed.

First computer with built-in Leap Motion gesture control

According to CNet, the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition laptop will be the first computer with Leap Motion gesture control built-in.  Useful?  That depends.  CNet says that Leap Motion requires enough power that you will often have to leave your laptop plugged in.  But is it neat technology?  Absolutely!

MoMA video games exhibit

Following the Smithsonian’s recent “Art of Video Games” exhibition — for which my game “Microsurgeon” (Imagic 1982) was nominated (if you go to the link at left, click on the Mattel Intellivision label when you get there), The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York has started a video game exhibit of its own.  GamerHub.TV has a video (below) on the subject.

Xbox One

Here’s the Xbox One website where you can see Microsoft’s (May 21, 2013) announcement in full.  They will likely reveal the games for the new Xbox at E3 in June, possibly the day before on June 10.  Below is CNet’s quick take on and summary of the new Xbox One features.  In my own few words: better Kinect with better integration, nice voice controlled tv/music/channel guide/entertainment, good looking games, tons of sports, NFL partnership, and Spielberg exec producing a new Halo TV series.