NEWWorthy shutting down December 2017

Well, it’s been fun blogging on NEWWorthy for 5 years.  Readership hasn’t grown as I had hoped, though, so it’s time to shut down NEWWorthy.

Sometime in December 2017, this site will no longer be accessible.  Feel free to explore all my blog entries before then.  I may move the NEWWorthy Awards to my author site and author blog, and continue adding new awards annually.  If you like NEWWorthy, you can still get a bit of NEWWorthy-ness on my Pinterest board called NEWWorthy.

If you have been intrigued by the science, technology, and health articles I have blogged about here, you might like to keep up with MIT Technology Review, CNet, ComputerWorldScience News, The Scientist, NASA, The Planetary Society, and many of the other magazines and journals I have mentioned in my blogs here on NEWWorthy.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your 2017 and on into the future.

All the best, Richard S. Levine, NEWWorthy editor

Better phone photos automatically

MIT research and Google have developed a “a new system that can automatically retouch images in the style of a professional photographer. It’s so energy-efficient, however, that it can run on a cellphone…”  It may not be available as an app anytime soon, but it will be a handy new addition to your phone when it becomes a product.

Mobile Touch Phone clip art


The Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) was proven in 1971 to be NP-complete — suffice it to say, no fast solution exists.  That being over 40 years ago, it is OLDWorthy.

But with today’s fast computers, super efficient algorithms, and artificial intelligence research, SAT solving has benefitted greatly in the last couple of decades.  Satisfiability (SAT) is again NEWWorthy.  Just understand that it also increases our dependence on computers for answers.