NEWWorthy term: Cobot

In Computerworld recently, “The cobots are coming.  Is your IT team ready?”

What is a cobot?  It’s a collaborative robot.  According to, “The collaborative application of robotics enables humans and robots to safely and effectively work together in an uncaged environment, with no risk of injuries/damages.”

While the term collaborative robot has been around since at least the 1990’s, the shortened term cobot may have first appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 2000.  But with robotics as an industry really starting to take off now, the term cobot feels NEWWorthy.

Using atmospheric gravity waves to monitor hurricanes

Science Daily reports on “How atmospheric waves radiate out of hurricanes…The waves, known as atmospheric gravity waves, are produced by strong thunderstorms near the eye and radiate outward in expanding spirals.”

Atmosphere gravity waves can sometimes be seen in satellite imagery, and are known to create interesting shapes in the clouds.

Researchers now hope to monitor hurricane and typhoon wind speed from long distance with barometers and anemometers.  It is possible that this could improve future forecasts.

The shell game?

Recently, President Trump suggested that his lawyers would provide a certificate stating that he has no business ties to Russia.  Now his lawyers have provided the letter, but one has to wonder if this is simply a shell [company] game.

As I understand it — NOTE: I am not an accountant, so I could be wrong — a person might not (or does not) include shell company income on their tax return.  The law firm also says “Trump’s last 10 years of tax returns do not reveal ‘any income of any type from Russian sources’ with some exceptions…”  What are the exceptions and how many are there?  Previous reports indicate that Trump did make income from the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant and $95 million from the sale of a home to a Russian billionaire.

You might ask, what shell companies are owned by President Trump?  Well, it’s not that easy to determine who owns a shell company or what shell companies they own.  But Huffington Post reported back in March 2017, “Two Trump [shell] Companies Discovered in Cyprus, Russian Off-Shore Banking Haven“.

Regarding the certificate or letter from Trump’s lawyers, it may be telling that the President’s lawyers “Morgan Lewis” claim on their own website that they were the “Russia Law Firm of the Year.”  Also, there was the Panama Papers report last year which discovered a $2 billion trail that “leads to Vladimir Putin.”  That had to do with shell companies too.

Who knows what, if any, shell game President Trump might be playing.  He and his administration seem to keep us all guessing as to what will happen next.  There are all kinds of shell games, like the one below.