Family Tree Solitaire – my new video game

Now (May 19, 2016) I’ve also posted quick/short rules for the game on my website in text format for printing.  There is also a pdf version of the intro video that you can print.

I am excited to announce that “Family Tree Solitaire” is available on the Google Play Store.  You can find detailed rules on my author website for “Family Tree Solitaire” — my new video game — in html and pdf format.

I hope you will enjoy “Family Tree Solitaire”.

Please see my author website for more information.


Is Jon Snow dead?

According to various news reports, President Obama may know already if Jon Snow is really dead on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

Why is this NEWWorthy?  Because this season, no one quite knows what’s going to happen.  The show is ahead of the books.

Other reports say that the actor who plays Jon Snow has been spotted at the Belfast airport, as well as on or near the set in full costume.  If he isn’t playing Jon Snow this season, then why dress up?  The Tampa Bay Times wrote that when he was asked why he was there playing Jon Snow, he said “I filmed some scenes of me being dead.  It’s some of my best work.”

How many genes does an organism need?

Sounds like a lead-in to a joke, right?  Well, it turns out that genetics scientists want to know the answer, so they have developed a living organism with the fewest genes (473 of them) currently possible.  It may be that they can create a living organism with even fewer genes, but what they learned is NEWWorthy.  Turns out that life is dependent on the interplay of many genes.

Double Helix clip art

NEWWorthy pattern in primes found

Except for 2 and 5, all prime numbers end in 1, 3, 7, or 9.  It was previously thought that any of these ending digits were equally probable, meaning that for other than the numbers 2 and 5 there was a 25% chance that a prime number would have one of these endings.  But mathematicians have now found that the odds for one of the digit endings differs depending on the previous digit ending.  This is NEWWorthy!

See The Science Explorer for more.  You might also enjoy the Newsy explanation below.