Taking temperature — use your head

Rachel Metz at MIT Technology Review wrote about “the best thing I saw at CES was a thermometer.”  What’s interesting about this new thermometer is that you don’t put it in you mouth.  Actually, you don’t put it “in” anywhere.  You just touch it to your temple and it sends your temperature to your smartphone.  The Withings Hot Spot Sensor (TM) seems to be the secret to getting accurate results.

NEWWorthy Awards 2015

NEWWorthy Awards 2015 asks what was NEWWorthiest for the year in inventions, discoveries, events, and other new-related categories. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog as much as we did putting it together.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2016. NEWWorthy will continue to keep an eye on what’s new and worthy.  Whether it’s new research in science or the latest new happenings in entertainment and travel — not to mention, the U.S. election campaigns and debates — we’ll be taking a look at it.

Happy 2016!  Here are the NEWWorthy Award winners for 2015…

ENTERTAINMENT: Winner – Breaking Borders television series.  With all the conflict in the world, how wonderful to see a TV series that attempts to bring representatives of all sides of a conflict to dinner.  Educational too.

Honorable Mentions – Disney’s animal kingdom to get Avatar’s Pandora; Star Wars newest film; First computer player of almost perfect poker

NEWWorthy WORD: Winner – Augmented Reality (AR) as featured with Hololens and Magic Leap devices.

Honorable Mentions – Microbiome , Deep Learning , Deliverbots, Crowd Programming

FINANCE: Winner – The Fed finally raises rates

SCIENCE HEALTH: Winner – Vaccine for Dengue

Honorable Mentions – Swift Prime emergency therapy for stroke; World’s first blood test to detect lung cancer

SCIENCE: Winner – First FDA approved genetically modified animal

Honorable Mentions – Video of action inside cells; First 3d printed drug to reach U.S. market;  First observation of Asteroid Day brings awareness; Deep Drill for planetary exploration

TECHNOLOGY: Winner – Intel’s Optane (much faster SSDs)

Honorable Mentions – Robo Brain learning for robots; Loudspeaker fire extinguisher; Space Elevator patent;

TRAVEL: Winner – Photos without barriers

Honorable Mentions – Micro-hotels; Smelly Maps; Marriott buys Starwood

OLDWORTHY: Winner – Pong enters world video game hall of fame

Honorable Mentions – Childhood’s End was a three night television series on the SYFY network based on science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s award winning 1953 novel.  Philip K. Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle” (1963) was made into a television series on Amazon Prime; Germanium makes a comeback