Who knew hard science fiction is comedy or musical?

On my author’s blog, I commented on the Golden Globe nomination for “The Martian” as Best Comedy or Musical.

I suppose I should consider this OLDWorthy, since other science fiction movies — “Cocoon” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, neither of which won the award — have been nominated in the Best Comedy or Musical category for a Golden Globe in the past.   But take a look at Wikipedia’s list of movies they consider to be hard science fiction, which is what “The Martian” was meant to be.  Some if not many of these were nominated for some kind of Golden Globe award.  Some even won.  But were any in the category of Best Comedy or Musical?

I haven’t fully checked the list yet, but my initial finding is that “The Martian” seems to be the first hard science fiction movie nominated in this category for a Golden Globe.  That makes this NEWWorthy.  Of course, it’s not if you consider “Cocoon” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” hard science fiction.  Wikipedia lists both of those in the category of comedy-drama, among other genres.

USA Today in the video below seems to agree that the Golden Globes have made an interesting choice in nominating “The Martian” in this category.

Optane opinion

Intel’s Optane products promise faster SSDs, perhaps 7 times faster starting in 2016.  Games could play faster, financial systems transact faster, etc.  If the numbers holds up, hybrid laptops may boot up even faster depending on the percentage of boot time doing things other than reading from the drive.  Expectations are that there’s quite a bit of room for much speedier Optane SSDs to appear in coming years.  This sounds NEWWorthy to me.