“Childhood’s End” on SYFY Dec. 14

Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “Childhood’s End” is OLDWorthy, having been published in the 1950’s.  It’s never been made into a movie or television series, until now.  So while you may have read the book, or you might know that it’s one of his best novels, I’m hoping that the SYFY channel has made the story into an equally riveting 3-night event.  That would certainly make it NEWWorthy.


“Science Fiction: Genetics” by Richard S. Levine

See Amazon.com for “Science Fiction: Genetics”.  This is my first genetics-related anthology of my stories.  I enjoy following advances in genetic and epigenetic research, so I’m sure I will write more of these.

“You Can Choose Your Parents” refutes the notion that you can’t choose your parents.  “Liar” examines the life of a young woman who visits a Lie Bar.  “The Library of Pain” probes a psychologist’s patient who has issues with pain.  In “It’s in the Stars” we meet a couple who wonder if fame will be in the stars for their children.  “My Brother’s Keeper” is a clone mystery that takes place on Mars.

Versions for Smashwords.com, including a variety of formats for various distributors,  of “Science Fiction: Genetics” and “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” coming next.


“Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2” by Richard S. Levine

See Amazon.com for “Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2”.  These are my best selling science fiction themes, so I decided to publish a new volume with two more time travel stories and three additional robot stories,  all previously published in online or print magazines — so you know that editors enjoyed them too.

Each story relates to some form of time travel, robots, or cyborgs.  “The Time of Your Life” makes a life and death game out of time travel.  “Oddly Perfect” examines math and time in multiple dimensions.  “RemoteDoc” describes a possible future for surgeons, In “Remorse above Enceladus” a robot space cowboy probes a new feeling, and “A Penny for your Thoughts” presents a futuristic social network.

Next, I will make this available on Smashwords for other reading devices and formats.  Also, “Science Fiction: Genetics” is in the works.


To online, or to offline, why not both?

Singapore will offer the world’s first online-to-offline shopping mall.  According to Astroawani.com, customers can purchase items from the store, order them online from the mall, and have them delivered home.

To further confuse us, online shopping malls are opening offline malls, such as those mentioned in Korea in the video below.  Even Amazon recently opened their first brick=and=mortar bookstore in Seattle.