Is the next tablet a PC?

Though phablets may have eroded the market for 7″ and 8″ tablets, they aren’t replacing the market for 10″ tablets.  However, 2-1 PC’s (like Microsoft’s Surface and Lenovo’s Yoga) capable of being a PC or a tablet may be tough competition for 10″ tablets in the near future.  For more, see CNet’s article entitled “The Future of the Tablet is the PC.

Some are calling the new 2-1 laptops laplets.  The Surface Pro 4 details haven’t been released yet (maybe October 2015), but rumors suggest it might be 14″.  Other rumors put a new Apple IPad Air Plus (laplet) on the market in the second half of 2015.

Space elevator patent

According to The Telegraph, “a Canadian firm has been granted a patent for a [inflatable] ‘space elevator’ which will shoot cargo 12.4 miles into the stratosphere from where it can be launched more easily.”

The article talks about the possible ways that a vehicle will transport humans up to the top via the inside or outside of the space elevator, but I don’t think it mentions what riders will do about oxygen.  At over twice as high as Mount Everest, passengers will need oxygen assistance if standing on the platform at the top of the space station.  Possibly they will have environmental controls inside the vehicle on the way to the top, and I assume there will be a spaceway (jetway) of sorts that will get them from the space elevator vehicle to their space ship.  Still, passengers may be wearing a space suit all the way up.