Wikipedia defines cybersecurity as “security applied to computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, including the whole Internet. ”   With international snooping reports and stories seemingly daily about leaked personal data, protection against hacking has become an important topic and activity for corporations and government agencies.

Now there’s “United States Cybersecurity Magazine” to report on the topic.

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ELFIN graduates soon

UCLA Newsroom reports that “UCLA undergrads are first to build an entire satellite on campus.”  That’s NEWWorthy.  Small drones have been getting much of the news lately, but small satellites are coming on strong.

Scheduled to launch 2016-2017, The Electron Loss and Fields Investigation CubeSat (ELFIN) will hopefully graduate from a college campus project of dozens of students to a satellite in space.  According to UCLA, “ELFIN will determine how high-energy electrons in Earth’s radiation belt are scattered out of their cyclical orbits by naturally occurring ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic waves.”

UCLA Experimental Space Physics Group

New hotels 2015

It’s been a while since I last listed new hotel property websites, so here goes.  These are just some of the places you can find new hotels listings.

Best Western


Hampton Inn (Hilton)







Conde Naste Traveler recently listed their choices for the Best New Hotels in the World (2015).  Below is a YouTube video from Buzz60 on the subject.

For the birds?

The expression “for the birds” is described by the Free Dictionary online as “based on the idea that birds eat seed, which is not worth much”.

CNN reports that research published in the journal Nature shows that “the oldest stone tools made by our human ancestors have been discovered in northwestern Kenya and they date back 3.3 million years.”  That’s 700,000 years earlier than any previously known human stone tools.  NEWWorthy or for the birds?  Time will tell.

Speaking of birds, The Scientist reports that partial skeletons of the oldest known ancestor — 130.7 million years old — of modern birds have been found in China.  That’s 6 million years earlier than the previous record.  Will this research in Nature Communications hold up or is it for the birds?

Again in The Scientist, yet another team of scientists report that a fossil has been found that represents a winged species of dinosaur.  Not all scientists agree.  Is a winged dinosaur find for the birds?

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300 trillion suns

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory says “A remote galaxy shining with the light of more than 300 trillion suns has been discovered using data from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). ”

There are days here on Earth where it’s enough just to fathom the size and depth of our own sun.  Look how much daylight we get from its rays.  So it’s kind of hard to imagine the light of 300 trillion suns!

The fact that it’s mostly infrared light from 12.5 billion years ago is OLDWorthy.  That we are seeing it now as the most luminous galaxy in the universe is NEWWorthy.

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Accent competition

Wikipedia lists several actors that are known for perfecting accents, especially in the movies.  But how many have they had to do in one movie?  Who holds the record for accents in a television show?

I suppose Jennifer Garner in “Alias” or Eliza Dushku” in “Dollhouse” did a number of different accents on their shows.  But Tatiana Maslany on “Orphan Black” may have the most demanding role requiring different accents, since we see her various characters on a regular basis on the show.  BBC America talks about the difficulty and amount of work necessary to pull it off.  And how many actors have had to pull off three accents in one frame?

“CSI Biome” anyone?

We’ve seen “CSI”, “CSI [pick your city]”, and “CSI Cyber”.  How long before we see “CSI Biome”?  The Scientist writes about research that shows that a persons Microbiome (microbes on and in a person’s body) might be used as a fingerprint.  While we might or might not leave DNA all over the place, it might be that we are always leaving our microbiome prints everywhere.

At the very least, perhaps we’ll see a CSI plot in the not too distant future that features a microbiome fingerprint used to solve a crime.

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Skull Island: Reign of Kong

MTV says Universal Studios Orlando will have a new Kong ride next year: “Skull Island: Reign of Kong”.  Below is some footage someone took recently at the park of the construction going on.

Funny, the theme from “Jurrasic Park” is in the background.  Isla Nublar, the fictional island with dinosaurs off the coast of Costa Rica, is on the other side of the world from Sumatra, the area where Skull Island is supposed to be located.  And didn’t Skull Island sink in the modern Kong sequel?

In any case, this looks like it could be a fun new attraction at Universal Studios Orlando.

Cocktail party problem solved

Have you ever listened to a singer while other people are talking or making noise?  It’s amazing that humans can filter out the other noise and hear a single voice — the cocktail party problem — but now according to MIT Technology Review computers can do it too.  Karaoke anyone?

But can the computer still be effective at a really noisy concert?  Maybe not, but neither are most people.  Have you ever been to a concert where the crowd was louder than the band?  I have.

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Ballparks have the Wave, but traffic has Waze

Waze is a traffic application that’s been around for a few years, and it was acquired by Google.  While it has been a boon to drivers with smartphones who want to bypass traffic jams, and cities who would like to avoid traffic jams, reports that local neighborhoods are not happy with the “cut-through” traffic caused by the use the app.

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Web notes

A product called WebNotes has been around since 2010, and there are other apps like it, so adding web notes to a web page is OLDWorthy.  But now Microsoft’s new Edge browser adds web notetaking — drawing annotations directly on a web page and sharing them — and may finally make it an integral part of browsing.

Could this become NEWWorthy?  Time will tell.  Can you add an annotation to a webpage and then pin it on Pinterest?  That would be interesting, though it might have legal issues.