NEWWorthy or just another reason to have a portable GPS?

Hertz is reported by Computerworld to be installing car cams that point at drivers.  They say it is part of the Neverlost 6 system, but that the cameras are not currently turned on.  At some point they might decide to use the cameras, but for now they are not sure how they would be put to use.  Maybe some customers would be happy to have a camera in their rental car so they could easily communicate with the help desk.

Others might not like this idea.  Lots of people have their own portable GPS device that they use in rental cars.  It can be cheaper and doesn’t have a built in camera.  But mobile phones with GPS do.

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Climate Ribbon may provide NEWWorthy air conditioning

Scheduled to open in 2018, the 80 story Brickell City Centre in Miami will feature a first-of-kind “climate ribbon”.  It is supposed to provide cooling without air conditioning to the common areas of the mall.  I guess we’ll see in 2018 if it really works as planned to keep the areas shaded and cool from the sun, but until then the design is NEWWorthy.

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“Breaking Borders” is more than travel

Time will tell if “Breaking Borders” on the Travel Channel is NEWWorthy or not, but for now I’m including it here because of what it tries to do — “…travel into conflict zones to get the story behind the story”.   That’s certainly newsworthy, and in time it may be NEWWorthy as well.

I thought the first episode felt a bit forced, trying to spend as much time on the travel and food/cooking aspect as it did on the conflict and story-behind-the-story.  Not that I minded the historical and introductory content at the beginning, as that was helpful.  But the food selection and cooking aspects took up too much time, taking away from the more interesting discussions.

Here’s hoping that “Breaking Borders” will make revisions to provide the most informative and watchable format, especially for those of us who may want content over food in our travel experience.

New term: hate watching

Since NEWWorthy is about what’s New and Worthy of note, we rarely post new terminology.  Only rarely do new terms and phrases catch on, and many are probably not worth noting.  Maybe this one isn’t either, but its relation to today’s media might make it more mentionable.

It has been around since about 2013.  “Hate watching” caught our eye — or is it ear — as a term that seems to fit quite a few television and radio shows these days.  It has even made its way into the Urban Dictionary.

Can you think of any TV shows that you hate watch?  Maybe some shows are made just for this purpose.

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NASA’s MMS studies mystery of magnetic fields around Earth

According to NASA’s website, “…The Magnetospheric Multiscale, or MMS, mission studies the mystery of how magnetic fields around Earth connect and disconnect, explosively releasing energy via a process known a magnetic reconnection.”  The MMS’ four spacecraft were launched last night and will provide the first three-dimensional view of magnetic reconnection.  Below is a video animation showing how the crafts are deployed.