NEWWorthy Awards 2014

Again we had a fun and busy year putting together the NEWWorthy blog in 2014.  It’s time to list some of the best articles, inventions, discoveries, and events reported here in each major category on NEWWorthy in 2014. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog as much as we did putting it together.

Technology had a particularly big year in 2014, with several innovations.  We had a hard time picking the winner and had to list a number of honorable mentions that seemed worthy.  Jibo, even if lacking the ability to wash/dry/iron clothes, proved that there’s demand for a family robot.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2015. NEWWorthy will continue to keep an eye on what’s new and worthy.  Whether it’s new research in science or the latest new happenings in entertainment and travel, we’ll be taking a look at it.

What’s coming in 2015? Who can tell, but we suspect there will be more talk about Deep Learning, U.S. elections 2016, ‘omes (as in proteomes, microbiomes, and genomes — for under $500?), Pluto, getting to Mars, and wearable computing (goggles, headsets, fitness bands, watches, etc.).  Perhaps “the fog of things” will make the dictionary in 2015.

Happy 2015!  Here are the NEWWorthy Award winners for 2014…


ENTERTAINMENT: Winner – “Rory McIlroy accidentally gives cholla to a fan” — this may become classic golf footage someday;  Honorable Mentions – What’s; If HuvR tech were real…; Jurrasic Park” might have been wrong about birds

FINANCE: Winner – Could we soon see better logistics?; Honorable Mentions – Veggie Burger fakes meat; To BOX, or not to BOX — still a hot topic in early 2015 before their IPO; AARP’s new Guide for Tipping;

SCIENCE HEALTH: Winner – Alzheimers memory loss reversed? — even a possible small step forward could be huge; Honorable Mentions – Top 10 innovations 2014 – The Scientist — The $1000 genome; Transplants with hearts that have stopped beating; Compound emotions — 15 new emotions identified

SCIENCE: Winner – Nanomotors manipulated in living cells; Honorable Mentions – Necrobiome on CSI?…Human interactome map; Synthetic DNA replicated within living bacteria; Human genome origami; CRISPR gene editing

TECHNOLOGY: Winner – Bots with magnetic personalities; Honorable mentions – To Hybrid or not to Hybrid; First orbitable flight with legs…landing legsCovert and mathematically invisible; Big Data makes the dictionary; The fog of things; Simply Brilliant (.org, that is); World’s first ‘family robot’ – Jibo; A comet walks Rosetta; MOM orbits Mars; World’s first 3D printed cars

TRAVEL: Winner – One way car rental deals; Honorable mentions – Delta’s miles for money; 2014 Atlantic storm names; Hitchbot;

OLDWORTHY: Winner – Sailing stones finally observed; Honorable mentions – Welwitschia, one of a kind; Smokey at 70; Titanosaur;  Intellivision Flashback – and the comeback of other old video game consoles

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a term you will probably hear often in 2015.  I just posted an infographic on my “Big Data” Pinterest board that shows the numerous fields that Deep Learning will affect.  While there are many detailed business and scientific papers and videos on the subject, below is a video that attempts to explain deep learning in a way that many viewers can understand.

Less expensive travel destinations 2015

I titled this “less expensive” because I doubt that many people think travel is a bargain.  However, USA Today has provided a list of their “10Best: Places to find a travel bargain in 2015“.

You do need to be aware of place and time when planning for a less expensive trip.  For example, while Canada may be a bit cheaper in 2015 — according to USA Today’s article — that might not be true if you go to Toronto in July.  They are the host of the Pan Am Games this year.

Crowd Programming

Crowd Programming is a relatively new term, and I could not find it on Wikipedia.  Human Computer Interaction Institute defines it as “Crowdsourcing and human computation“, or in other words students will learn to program the crowd.  Sources of crowd data include Amazon Mechanical Turk and Facebook and others.  Some, such as researchers at UC Irvine, call this microtask crowdsourcing.

Spring Training 2015

Baseball is an OLDWorthy sport, but for those who love the game, spring always seems to make it NEWWorthy again.  That’s why I’m including a note this year that Spring Training 2015 tickets are on sale now.  And if you happen to be headed to Asia, don’t forget Spring Training 2015 in Japan! map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015 map of Spring Training 2015

Will dirt antibiotic be dirt cheap?

MIT Technology Review and many other publications recently have written about a new antibiotic drug being made from microbes in dirt.  It has not yet been tested on humans, but the results so far are very promising.  But, like many other new drugs, how much will it cost?  Not to lessen the importance of this NEWWorthy discovery, but I mean, will it be dirt cheap?

OLDWorthy cruise

A “Dark Shadows” cruise has to place among the odd OLDWorthy happenings this year.  Who would go?  The biggest star of the show, Jonathan Frid — who might have had the biggest draw for this cruise — died in 2012.  Still, I have to give Royal Caribbean credit for making something OLDWorthy new again.
(Image combines Bat and Ship images from

L.A. Times tips for traveling to Europe in 2015 from the U.S.

The L.A. Times offers some tips on traveling to Europe in 2015 from the U.S.  Your European vacation may cost you less this year.  Italy, though, has Expo 2015 this year and expects millions of visitors in the summer.  It will likely be crowded in many major cities of Italy.  The NY Times recently included Italy as a top place to visit in 2015.  That’s a rendering of the USA pavilion below.

Yahoo Finance – Top 10-searched stocks of 2014

Check out Yahoo’s top 10-searched stocks of 2014.  What will be the top 10-searched stocks of 2015?  We don’t know, but it’s possible that some of them will have something to do with their ability to maintain value in a market when the Fed raises interest rates.  However, an article in Forbes asks whether the Fed will be able to raise interest rates.