Human interactome map

Wikipedia says that an interactome is “…the whole set of molecular interactions in a particular cell.”

According to The Scientist, ” Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Systems Biology and their colleagues have produced a new human interactome map… based on a systematic screen of 13,000 human proteins that uncovered 14,000 pairwise interactions.”

Though they have a long way to go to complete the human interactome map, we are still noting this as NEWWorthy.




Philae lands on a comet

The European Space Agency (ESA) reported today (November 12, 2014) that their Rosetta spacecraft-launched lander Philae successfully touched down on a comet.  This is the first Earth spacecraft to touch down on a comet, and that’s NEWWorthy.  Check out ESA’s livestream videos for more.  The current schedule is showing another livestream update the morning (U.S. Eastern Standard Time) of Nov. 13, 2014.  Below is an animated video showing approximately what has occurred, although the ESA reports that the hooks that were supposed to grip the comet to keep Philae in place did not fire on landing.  There should be images from Philae soon!


While replacing human beings with robots is OLDWorthy — not to mention unlikeable — Lowe’s OSHbots (robotic shopping assistants) are the first of their kind in the U.S., according to an article on Yahoo Finance.  How well they function, and whether customers like interacting with OSHbots, will help determine weather in time they will be NEWWorthy.

It would be nice to walk down an aisle and find an OSHbot to lead me to the product I’m looking for. Too often I’ve found that I couldn’t get help from a human because they were busy talking to and helping another customer. Makes me wonder how long OSHbots will spend with a customer before moving on to the next one. According to the video below, these robots were inspired by science fiction writers. So how soon will OSHbots start trying to upsell customers? Or how long will it be before all the OSHbots begin gabbing around the water cooler?

Transplants with hearts that have stopped beating

According to MedicalExpress, “Australian doctors transplant ‘dead’ hearts in surgical breakthrough.”  Also mentioned in the article, Executive director of the Victor Chang Institute Bob Graham said, “This will potentially open up heart transplantation in countries like Japan, Vietnam and other places where the definition of death is heart death, not brain death,”

Collision warning systems

More cars are getting forward collision warning systems.  Driving is hard enough, and when a car or something else cuts you off or suddenly stops ahead of you, technology can help.  Also, there are still too many drivers paying attention to their phones or other distractions rather than keeping their eyes on the road.  Hopefully the new technology will save many lives.  Below is a video showing the EyeSight capability of some new Subaru vehicles. posted an article on “6 Affordable Vehicles with Collision Warning System” last year, and the NY Daily News did a piece about collision warning systems in general.