TMT – Telescope with 100-foot mirror

Construction began on the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii.  According to, “…eventually will become the most advanced and powerful optical telescope on Earth.”  But the European Extremely Large Telescope, to reside in Chile, is being called “the biggest eye on the sky”.  Which will be the biggest and most NEWWorthy around 2022 will probably depend on which is completed first.  The Thirty Meter Telescope construction has been challenged by some residents of Hawaii.

T5 on the way in 2015

T5, “Terminator 5”, will be out next summer (2015).   It sounds like it is going to use the alternate-timeline approach, a reimagining if you will, of the earlier television series “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles”.  So is this OLDWorthy or NEWWorthy entertainment?  Time will tell — pun intended.  I have no idea how or if they will work in the plot of T4 into this new timeline.

It’s getting to be complicated, like some parking signs.  You can only travel into the past on a Thursday if there is a full moon.  You know what I mean.

A giant virus

Giant viruses have been found before going back to 2003, so this is OLDWorthy.  But what was this new giant virus Melbournevirus doing in a freshwater pond in Australia?  According to The Scientist, researchers suspect that “amoebae may serve as melting pots for microbial evolution.”  According to Wikipedia, “Some controversy exists as to whether the Giant Viruses do or do not constitute a ‘Fourth Domain of Life’.

Still others are concerned that ancient giant viruses may eventually cause harm to humans.  That theory was speculated on somewhat in the “X-Files” movie.

Election Maps


If you search on “midterm election 2014 map” you will find many election maps and simulators.  Here are just a few election maps we found to help you get started.

RealClearPolitics “2014 Battle for the Senate”

Wikipedia “U.S. Elections 2014”

WashingtonPost “Election Lab”

Politico “2014 Election Predictions”

Bing “Elections & Voter Guide 2014”

FoxNews “2014 Senate Race”

270towin “Senate Election Simulation”


Will there be a Muskville on Mars?

Elon Musk wants SpaceX — one of the companies supplying the space station — to eventually build cities on Mars.  Getting to Mars on a SpaceX rocket might require you to schedule a flight to Brownsville, Texas first — see video below.

Since I’m not certain whether I will be around when Mars is colonized — meaning more than just a human landing on Mars — I am going to state early on that a city on Mars would certainly be NEWWorthy.

The Language of Food

Analyzing the Langauge of Food on Social Media examines the relationship between the use of various food-related words and community characteristics.  The popular terms comparison is particularly interesting.  For example, you might search for vegetarian or vegan words and see how often those words are being used in different parts of the U.S.