A robot bellhop, but when will he carry your bags?

The world’s first robot bellhop is a nice idea.  But so often I’d just like the luggage cart from downstairs to get in the elevator and come to the door of my hotel room as we’re getting ready to leave.  Or maybe the robot bellhop can retrieve it for me?  Either way, that’s what I’d like to have.

Mathematics firsts

Usually when talking about mathematics and what’s new, we’d be talking about a new algorithm, recently solved conjecture, or proposed hypothesis.  But the people in mathematics can be both brilliant and NEWWorthy as well.  That’s why I’m announcing Maryam Mirzakhani as the first woman ever to win a Fields medal, perhaps the top prize in mathematics.  Also NEWWorthy are Artur Avila, the first Brazilian to win the Fields medal, and longtime UCLA professor Stanley Osher, “the third person ever to be awarded the prestigious Gauss Prize, the highest honor in applied mathematics.”

Yes, there are stars at night

Often in today’s world our cities and towns are saturated with artificial light at night.  This makes it difficult to see many stars at night, not to mention special occasions like meteor showers.  Makes me wonder how many adults and children in the world have never seen the Milky Way.  That’s why, although star watching is OLDWorthy, CNN’s posting of the International Dark Sky Association’s (IDA) list of “22 spots for spectacular starry skies” is NEWWorthy.