Zalando is high on billion-dollar startup list

The Wall Street Journal has a nice chart showing the “Billion-Dollar Startup Club“.  Perhaps even more interesting is the ratio of investment dollars to “latest valuation”.  Have you even heard of Zalando, the European shoes and fashion online retail giant?  According to the chart, they are worth 100 times what investors put into the company.  That’s pretty impressive, maybe even NEWWorthy.  The next closest on the list are Xiaomi and SpaceX at 30 times.

Can you remember better than a 3rd grader?

Science Daily reports that psychology researchers have pinpointed when early childhood memories start to fade.  Around the age of seven, or around second or third grade, children’s memories of what happened before they were age three start to fade.  Below, The Takeaway WNYC shows one child’s attempt to remember events.

Some stock market scenarios for 2014

Fidelity discusses “Three 2014 stock market scenarios“.  Below, The Motley Fool posits inflation-adjustment and dividends as possible reasons for continued growth in the stock market, but that doesn’t preclude the 20% chance of a bear market that Fidelity presents as a possible scenario.

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