Twitter trend setters and followers

According to MIT Technology Review blog researchers at Indiana University using Twitter data “…have examined the way trends emerge in cities across the US…The top five sources of trends are: Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Washington, Seattle and New York…  See the article to find out which cities have the most trend followers.

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Where the noise is

Smartphones have a variety of uses.  Now MIT Technology Review blog notes that they are being used to map noise pollution with Ear-Phone.  To be fair, this is not necessarily a new technique for mapping noise pollution.  Sony researchers in Paris were apparently looking at using smartphones and a participative approach to measure noise pollution back in 2008.  I’m not sure how similar Ear-Phone and Noisetube are.  See more in the video below.

New kind of antibiotic

The Scientist reports on a new kind of antibiotic called peptide-conjugated phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers (PPMOs).  Oregon State University (OSU) says that “In animal laboratory tests against A. baumannii… PPMOs were far more powerful than some conventional antibiotics like ampicillin…”  OSU has additional information on their website.

Caption: Scanning electron microscope image of A. baumannii, with maps of its genome (outer circle) and alien island sequences (inner circle – red).

Credit: Courtesy of J.Carr/CDC; T.Gianoulis and D.Massa/Yale


Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Computer models that accurately simulate real life are invaluable to chemists.  The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 was awarded “for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems”.  One outgrowth of this and related work is that animal rights groups are funding research in computer models to help eliminate at least a portion of future animal testing.

Some airline holiday deals for late 2013

Many of the fares below have to be booked by October 10, 2013, but some can be booked later.  These are the websites I found for searching on the fares.  I cannot guarantee that they all work, and many of the fares will probably be gone soon.

American Airlines discount deals for December 2013 and January 2014

Allegiant Airlines deals for the holidays (late 2013).

United Airlines holiday deals 2013 (for some reason when you click on ‘View Fares’ it puts in 2012, so you’ll need to change that in the form to search on fares).

Delta Airlines holiday deals 2013.

Southwest Airlines holiday deals 2013.