3 new joggling records

According to Wikipedia, “Joggling is a competitive sport that combines juggling and jogging.”  The International Juggling Association (IJA) recently had their annual get-together and competition.  Three new world records were set in joggling (see list below).  Unfortunately, I don’t have video for these, but below you can see a 2012 race of the 100 meter (7 balls).  It’s hard to run while juggling 7 balls, so it’s more of a fast walk.  But it’s amazing that they can do it at all.  Congratulations to all the competitors and record setters!

Thomas Dietz in the 100 meter (7 balls) in 53.6 seconds.

Eric Walter in the 400 meter (3 balls) in 55.8 seconds

Gabrielle Foran in the 1600 meter (3 balls) in 5 minutes 58 seconds

The 2012 Corruption Perception Index

It’s always important for individuals to evaluate summaries and reports that appear on the internet, and it’s not always easy to determine the value of one index or another.  Transparency International offers a Corruption Perception Index.  I don’t know when the 2013 report will be out, so here’s the 2012 index.  Below, however, is a recent commentary at a conference of The International Association of Anti Corruption Authorities (IAACA) that questions the validity of the Corruption Perception Index.  A Wikipedia article lists both validity and criticism issues regarding the index.  Is the Corruption Perception Index still valid and valuable?  You decide.

More new hotels, including Japanese capsule (cabin) hotels

Trident hotels is opening a new hotel in Hyderabad, India.

Best Western has several hotels (not sure if all are new, though) joining its ranks, including a couple in India.

Holiday Inn (IHG – Intercontinental Hotels Group) has some new and some “coming soon” hotels listed, including a Fort Walton Beach, FL hotel in 2014.

Would you like to see some new or “coming soon” Hampton Inns?

Looking for a new Marriott Fairfield Inn for your stay?  Use this map search and look for the ones with a little red dot.

The video below describes a new kind of Japanese capsule hotel room (an airplane cabin-like room) that is a bit taller, perhaps a bit safer, and costs a bit more.


World’s first burger grown in a petri dish

The Scientist magazine reports on a lab-grown burger taste test.  When you consider that one food critic said that it “tasted like an animal-protein cake,” it might not be ready for fast-food patrons.  For those willing to give up meat, there are already many good vegetarian burgers available around the world.  We reported on some veggie burger lists previously.

Treasury bond yields at 5% or 6% in 2015?

Moneynews.com reports that Mike Crofton, CEO of Philadelphia Trust Co, says that the “10-year Treasury yield will reach 5 to 6 percent within 18 to 24 months.”  That may be nothing but speculation, or it may finally be good news for seniors and others looking for better rates on their savings.

Though NEWWorthy does not make financial recommendations, we do attempt to report on what’s new and interesting.