New (or newly renovated) hotels

There are many more new hotels listed at various hotel websites than I can put here, but hopefully some of these will get you started in your search. Didn’t find the new hotels you were looking for?  You might also try some of the “new hotel” search engines and websites I posted at the end of last year, or view new hotel links I provided back in December 2012.

Best Western lists some new hotels, June 27, 2013.

Looking for new hotels run by Marriott?

Check out Travel & Leisure’s “Best New Hotels 2013“.

How about some Hilton Hotels that are coming soon internationally, or new Hampton Inns, or Hilton Garden Inns, or new Embassy Suites?

Westin opened some new hotels in 2013.

Check out Holiday Inn new hotels in the U.S.

Biotech leader: Silicon Valley or Boston?

An MIT Technology Review blogger, Antonio Regalado, reports that Boston may soon “overtake Silicon Valley at the top of the biotech heap”.  Considering all the money that goes into biotech funding in Silicon Valley, that would be quite an accomplishment.  Either way, it’s likely that Boston and Silicon Valley will continue to lead the country in biotech research.

EW’s top lists – OLDWorthy or NEWWorthy?

Entertainment Weekly June 28th edition is said to feature a number of “top lists” for several entertainment categories.  “Thompson on Hollywood” says that this is all old news and doesn’t really offer anything new to the “top list” discussion.  Take a look and decide for yourself. Below is a YouTube video report on EW’s chosen top 5 movies.

NEWWorthy species: Cambodian Tailorbird

The Scientist reports on a new species!  Orthotomus chaktomuk (Cambodian Tailorbird), part of the warbler family, was first seen in 2009.  “The modern discovery of an un-described bird species within the limits of a large populous city—not to mention 30 minutes from my home—is extraordinary,” study co-author Simon Mahood of the Wildlife Conservation Society told the BBC.  That makes this new species especially NEWWorthy.

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

The National Wildlife Federation has posted “Restoring A Degraded Gulf of Mexico:        Wildlife and Wetlands Three Years into the Gulf Oil Disaster; April 2, 2013 by Douglas B. Inkley”.  While the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is OLDWorthy news, what researchers are learning about the damage done is NEWWorthy.

Veggie burgers at airports

We’ve posted on a couple of veggie burger lists in the recent past, but now it’s time to talk more specifically about some airport veggie burgers.  I have not tried any of these veggie burgers, so I can’t say how good they are.  It’s nice to see more non-meat options at airports, though.

Southwest terminal at Burbank Airport

DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) in the Atlanta area

JetBlue terminal at JFK

Miami International Airport Terminal D

San Francisco (SFO) – Didn’t find a review, but a veggie burger is mentioned

Newark International Airport Terminal C

Some other Airport veggie burgers (Charlotte and Denver)

Some more Airport veggie burgers (Houston, DFW, Minneapolis)

5 Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Towers

A couple of years ago, Clearwater Beach replaced their old lifeguard towers with five new ones.  That’s OLDWorthy news, but I couldn’t find a single place on the internet where all five towers are pictured.  You can see 3 of them in the Tampa Bay Times.  Lifeguards help to make beaches safer for tourists and locals.

It’s pretty hot outside these days in the Florida summer sun, and I didn’t feel like baking and melting to grab pictures of all five towers.  The magic of embed codes and the diligence of some wonderful Flickr photographers allowed me to put together this post.  This may or may not be the first ever blog entry to feature all five towers in one post, but I’m going to call it NEWWorthy in any case.  I also pinned these to my Pinterest board.

There were originally 7 designs, but only 5 were built starting in 2011.  They were architected by Fisher and Associates Architects (tower #1,#2,#3 are pictured on their website).  You can see in the video below, taken after Tropical Storm Debby, that these stations are movable/portable.

Lifeguard Tower
Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Station
Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Station

June 2013 Fed statement

If you’re wondering what the Fed had to say at their June 2013 meeting, look here on the website.  The “projections” materials are particularly telling, where you can see the projected Target Federal Funds rate at year-end 2013, 2014, 2015, and Longer Run.  The Press Conference Transcript is where you will find Chairman of the FOMC Ben S. Bernanke’s comments, particularly regarding the pace of asset purchases.  If you prefer to watch a video, below is the Press Conference.  Alternatively, MSN Money gives a summary of the event.

New parts of ancient Cambodian city

LIDAR technology is OLDWorthy, since it’s been used for several years now in NASA’s robotic explorers and even archaeological research — scanning the jungle of the Mayan site of Caracol in Belize revealed just how immense this ancient city is, for example.

MIT Technology Review blog reports that LIDAR was recently used from a helicopter to reveal new parts of an ancient Cambodian city.  That’s NEWWorthy.  The video below explains how LIDAR and what is known about the Cambodian site and terrain go together to help University of Sydney archaeologists better understand this ancient city.

Vegetarian mobile cuisine

Mobile Cuisine published a list of their top 10 Vegetarian Food Truck vendors in the U.S.  In the comments, you can see that not everyone agreed with the choices.  The information may not be in the last year (not sure) or up-to-date, since some of these companies are no longer in business, but the attempt by these entrepreneurs to provide healthier choices from food trucks may be NEWWorthy.

We have not personally tried any of these food trucks, so we can’t be sure how vegetarian they all are, and the quality of the food and service probably varies greatly by individual food truck and location.  That said, there also seem to be any number of vegan food trucks popping up all over.  Just search YouTube with the term “Vegan Food Truck” and see how many you find.  The video below describes one in Edmonton, Canada.