US Drought Atlas – coming soon

The U.S. Drought Monitor is produced in partnership between the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  The Drought Monitor map provides a summary of drought conditions across the United States and Puerto Rico.

What’s perhaps NEWWorthy is that there is a new tool, listed as COMING SOON, called The Drought Atlas, which will provide users with a comprehensive, site-specific assessment of the history, frequency, intensity, duration and patterns of drought in the past century.

IJA’s top 10 video tutorials for 2013

In the history of human endeavors, juggling has been around a long time.  What’s NEWWorthy is that The International Juggling Association (IJA) listed their top 10 video tutorials of 2013.  I’ve posted links on, my personal blog.  Even if you think you can’t be taught to juggle, you might enjoy watching these experts show others how it’s done.  If you know how to juggle 3 balls, here’s a trick you might not find too difficult to learn.  Meagan Nouis teaches the viewer how to perform 3 ball underarm catches.

LUX and the search for dark matter

LUX, which came online in February 2013 so it’s pretty NEWWorthy, is the world’s largest dark matter detector.  Alexander B. Fry, a grad student in astronomy at the Univ. of Washington writes about dark matter and the possibilities for LUX to find it.  Below is a short video that explains how LUX works.  Since no one is sure if dark matter exists, or if it does then how weakly it interacts with regular matter, it is unknown if LUX will find it.

World’s first ‘magnetic hose’

MIT Technology Review blog reports today on “the world’s first ‘magnetic hose’ for transporting magnetic fields.”  Could this be used in the future for quantum communication over ‘magnetic hose’ long distances cables similar to the way light is sent over optical fiber today?  The transport of magnetic fields may already be happening in ‘bubbles’ in space.